Motherload of incredible succulents on sale at our open day this Sunday

Yesterday I was contacted by a chap called Alan Bridger offering ‘surplus succulents’ to sell at our open day on Sunday to raise some more money. Today when Alan and his wife dropped them off I was gobsmacked.

It turns out Alan grows and propagates various succulents, especially Aloes and Agaves. Many of his plants grown from seed. Now, you know how full of superlatives and overexcitable I am, and you know I’ve loved succulents since childhood… well imagine how I felt when not only was someone so kindly donating plants to raise money for the NGS but that the plants turned out to be some of the best cared for, best looking succulents I’ve ever seen! Not only that, but there are ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY NINE OF THEM (yes I counted).

They are beautiful plants (see gallery below) with some very unusual specimens here, may are houseplants while some can be grown outside too. I also have a small number of Pilea, purple Tradescantia, Salvias and Sempervivums for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Come along on Sunday and get them while they’re hot! You might be tearing some of them out of my hands 😀 Thank you Alan.

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Jack Wallington

I'm an RHS qualified garden designer living in Clapham, London who loves growing plants and designing with them. Follow me on Twitter.

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