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Plantaholics Anonymous

[Warning: major plant geekage ahead] One of the best things to happen over the last year has been meeting people who love plants as much as I do; who get why it’s so exciting to discover a plant you’ve not seen before, to understand how it grows and why. Even better, I’ve met people who know far more than me about plants and, like a naughty school boy, I feel mischievous hanging out with the experts who introduce me to deep secrets of the plant world. Continue reading Plantaholics Anonymous

8 tips for buying a Christmas tree

Christmas trees are brilliant. However the way they are sold can be a bit wasteful, cost you more money than it should and leave you with a tree that’s lost its needles before you’ve even reached Christmas Eve.

Below I’ve listed a few ways to save you moola, have a gorgeous tree and help save the environment a little bit. It’s my present to you (#cringe). Continue reading 8 tips for buying a Christmas tree