Book Review: RHS Garden Problem Solver

I love the look and feel of this book it has a really nice production. It’s one in a series of four by the RHS that covers off various elements of gardening.

It is a good book in that it does cover off the vast majority of problems. It’s also fun to read and well written. However, compared to other books by the RHS it feels lacking.

The biggest problem with the RHS Garden Problem Solver is that it doesn’t feel like it does enough ‘problem solving’. Which in itself is a fundamental problem. It identifies and lists most garden problems which is half the battle, but never goes into great or clear detail about what you should do to deal with those problems.

Personally, I don’t think it therefore benefits either the novice gardener or the expert. The novice, who I think this is aimed at, will be left a bit confused and frustrated.

People are better off plonking down a few more pounds for the RHS Garden Encyclopaedia or the RHS Complete Gardener’s Manual. Both of which are more comprehensive. In fact, this book feels like a simplified and redesigned version of some of the content from those two books.

Summary: RHS Garden Problem Solver

If you have no other gardening books, this could act as a quick introduction and reference to help identify problems, offering basic tips (and it is beautifully designed and easy to follow). But you’ll quickly be reaching for Google for more detail and I think you are better off buying more comprehensive books, which is the reason for the score.

Score: 2/5

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