Littlebury Road through 2020

This year is a difficult one for all of us in many unexpected ways, through it our garden has given me an anchor and a project

Late summer in the city

I really like to feel the seasons, feel them with all my senses. That’s why our garden is carefully planted in successio

How to make an Aeonium arboreum branch (part three)

I’ve been asked a lot over the last couple of years for an update on my Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ and cutt

How to grow annual Persicaria orientalis from seed

One of the Persicaria we’re not judging on the RHS Persicaria Trial Forum is Persicaria orientalis because it’s an

Pot’s Growing On in February? Peat free propagation, houseplant beautification and winter division

Over the last few weeks I’ve been gradually getting ready for spring one little task at a time. I haven’t had the

Littlebury garden redesign (part one) – Goodbye pots! Goodbye paving!

I’ve been thinking of making changes to our garden for a couple of years. The number of pots we have are getting out of

Visit our garden, 2 Littlebury Road, Clapham

Sunday 8 September at 1 – 6pm We’re opening our garden again for the National Garden Scheme (NGS) to raise money f

A mix of feelings

I’m sitting in the garden as I type and right now I’m looking at a hover fly, wondering: where on earth do they ge

Pot’s Growing On: road to our open garden

This month has been a whirlwind of finishing various garden designs, writing and planting up the One World stand for Chelsea F

Different ways to grow from seed

I don’t know how it’s happened but I seem to have used up all of my pots and seed trays. I don’t feel I̵

Pot’s Growing On? Planting sweetpeas, caring for permanent containers, ferns and dahlias are go

I’ve finally spent a good afternoon in our garden after being super busy with other people’s gardens for the last

Pot’s Growing On: snowdrops and the great grass migration

February 2019 has shaped up to be beautiful weather wise with warm days of sunshine bringing out the bumble bees in our urban

How our long border has evolved over time

I’ve been looking back over my old photos while planning our garden for the coming year and with hindsight the garden

Rearrange: the benefit of a patio of pots!

I’ve come over all Mary Poppins this weekend and not just because gusts of wind keep blowing fallen leaves around the ga

Pot’s Growing On in November? Hedging my bets

I’ve been thinking for a while that something is up with our small garden and these are the problems: Not enclosed enoug

Can you ever have too many plants?

Gardeners are all dreamers, I’m sure of it. We look, we imagine and somehow we become responsible for steering our littl

Pot’s Growing On: addicted to crazy leaves

Hello loyal reader! (Ignore if first visit or you plan on never returning). In the run up to our September open day I was worr

Pot’s Growing On: creating space, sunflower for foliage and ornamental aubergine

Stepping out into our garden one morning this week was different. Not least because we had 1.2cm of rain last weekend, literal

How to grow Monarda didyma

Monarda didyma ‘Cambridge Scarlet’ can be seen flowering in our garden in the above photo (2015) and below (2018). This ye

How to make a micro wildlife pond in a pot

When we open our garden for charity on the National Garden Scheme one thing people always comment on is our micro pond with it

Pot’s Growing On in May: self-seeding, hardy outdoor cactus and propagating tricky seeds

If I did nothing to our garden this year it would become an Echium, Allium, Ricinus, Verbena and Fennel jungle – these s

50 Dahlia photos from my garden and allotment

As you may have heard, I love Dahlias (see more Dahlia posts here), they rock my flowery world. Below is a selection of those

My garden, my lifeblood

I’ve just stepped back inside from the first quiet couple of hours in our garden this spring. Sitting there in a tshirt

Pot’s Growing On: white flowers, propagation and sempervivum

It’s finally spring proper and our garden is growing again in the most spectacular way. The fastest grower has been our

Pot’s growing on in March: spring bulbs start turning up to the party

My biggest delight so far this month is the success of our perennial spring bulbs. Given the extreme cold weather this year I&

Oh Beehave!

I was pottering around outside today in our little urban garden and while watering the ferns I spotted that little badger up t

Houseplant trends: the bigger the better

Over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of interest in houseplants, largely driven by Instagram. As people’

Mossy Rock (part two)

I know what you’re thinking moss fans, will he shut up about that bloomin rock what’s happening with Mossy Rock? Well, goo

Fleeting flowers

The joy of the snowdrop, cherry blossom and tulip. The fritillary and daffodil, the allium and poppy. Momentary pops of colour

Pot’s growing on in February: Hellebores, Snowdrops and vigorous perennials forcing changes

It’s been three years since we set up our garden. For the first time a large number of plants have multiplied so much th

Spring is in the air in London

In the air but importantly, not quite here. Yet on mild sunny days the signs of spring are all around us and, here in London a

Pot’s growing on in January: Planning for summer, sowing sweet peas, Eucalyptus gall wasp and houseplant love

After an incredibly busy end to 2017 when all thought of our garden went up the chimney with Father Christmas, my mind is now

Mossy Rock (part one)

Some strange ideas run through my mind and I admit this is among the strangest. Last year I had to replace a section of fence

Add some zing this summer with the unnatural flowers of Zinnias

Zinnias are odd. Almost unlike any flower I’ve come across before, they just do not look or feel real. Like a primary sc

2 Littlebury Road: a year in photos

I could write an entire book about our little inner city garden flat in Clapham. Instead, ta da! Here’s a supersized blo

How long do you spend planning your garden?

So here’s a question: throughout the year, how much time do you spend planning and thinking about how your garden will l

Gardening jobs to do in October: harvesting, bulb planting, propagation by dividing, cutting and sowing

If like me, you may have been coasting along on a post-summer ‘put your feet up’. Well, I’ve got news for yo

My 6 easy care comfort house plants you thought were boring but are in fact fabulous!

Forget the fancy house plants you keep spotting on Instagram. You know the ones, stylish Pilea, funky Peperomias, velvety Eche

Our first NGS open day: a weather miracle, cake and allotment cut flowers

Opening our garden to the public to raise money for the National Garden Scheme (NGS) was both an honour and a total mind-blitz

Our NGS open day, this Sunday 1 – 5pm!

A quick reminder that we are opening our garden and flat, 2 Littlebury Road in Clapham, this Sunday afternoon (23 July)! It ma

Pot’s Growing On? High summer in Clapham

Sorry for the lack of updates about our garden recently, I’ve been so busy opening my garden design studio it’s be

Pot’s Growing On in May: getting ready for a show-stopping summer!

May? Mayhem more like. So much is going on this month I feel like Dorothy whizzing around in a plant filled whirlwind. Diffe

Pot’s Growing On: winners and losers

I didn’t think there would be anything more nerve-wracking than having Monty Don coming around to see our garden expecti

Release the stress, embrace the mess

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure recently for our garden to look good. In photos, in person and increasingly stressi

Pot’s Growing On: Waking from hibernation

Our garden is into its fourth year now and I’m continuing to play around with things, add new plants and the colour

Happy New Year from Littlebury Road

The short period in between Christmas and New Year is something to be treasured. All of London is empty of people; e

44 Future gardening moments of 2016

Future gardening is the phrase I use to describe my personal take on the world. Be forward thinking. Be big thinking. Looking

December: Hellebores, cat grass, sweet peas, ferns and shooting alliums

It’s almost Christmas so I’m crazy busy wrapping up work, getting ready for the family arriving and trying to revi

Why I’ve fallen for cut flowers

I used to be a foliage boy. I’ve changed (well, a bit). In the past I saw flowers as extravagant, expensive purchas

Accelerating succulent and cacti growth

One thing I remember from my childhood greenhouse and large cactus collection was how heavily I used to water them. I’d