Garden design & presentation visuals

Visual concepts for your garden created to give you an idea of how the garden will look when finished. 

Once the client brief and surveys have been conducted the design process can begin. The design has a number of key steps to it:

  1. Initial idea sketches and mood boards – to explore different style directions, offering you a few styles and layouts to choose the one you like most.
  2. Design concept and research – a detailed look at the practical elements of the chosen direction, potential plants, furnishings and landscaping finishes. Presented as a set of mood boards showing these chosen items.
  3. 3D models and illustrations – computer artwork to give you an accurate look at the final garden plan.
  4. Artistic impression – a designed set of drawings to convey the mood and feel of the garden to complement the 3D model.

As with every stage, the design creation is open and collaborative where adjustments can be quickly made.

Based on the survey scale drawings, the design stage is exciting because you will start to see your new garden becoming a reality.

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Jack Wallington

I'm an RHS qualified garden designer living in Clapham, London who loves growing plants and designing with them. Follow me on Twitter.

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