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Back issues

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December 2021: frost

  • Plants to grow for a frost garden
  • Pruning to do this month
  • December houseplant care
  • Sowing onion seeds for summer
  • 5 x unusual winter houseplants
  • Changing soil composition with gravels is bad for nature – a discussion
  • Colour of snow and sky
  • An exciting new central London meadow design
  • Looking for new shoots


November 2021: daisies

  • 10 x colourful tough daisies on trial
  • White allium trial
  • Best Rudbeckia
  • Photos of my first designed garden
  • Wild daisies to spot
  • Ideas to try in November


October 2021: 365 seasons

  • Best and worst tomatoes from this year’s trial
  • Wildflower meadow management update
  • On site at a new design
  • 10 x best autumn berry shrubs and small trees to feed birds
  • Underground wasps
  • What to do this month


September 2021: flavour

  • Great ground covers
  • 6 x essential late-summer flowers
  • Perfect plant combinations in our new garden
  • Herb garden update
  • Veg tasks for the month
  • Taste testing edibles
  • Bird friendly small wild trees
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Beautiful flower photos


August 2021: serendipity

  • Toad!
  • Harvesting rain
  • Easy homemade fertiliser
  • 8 x reliable ornamental grasses to try
  • Best grasses for wildlife
  • Rescue chicken update
  • 5 x high summer flowers for colour
  • Wild flowers to spot
  • Things to do in August


July 2021: nature’s nursery

  • A beginner’s guide to identifying ferns
  • Wild plants I plan to grow more in our garden
  • How I’m testing the hardiness of new plants
  • My top 5 colourful garden plants right now
  • Wasps
  • An alternative parasitic meadow plant to yellow rattle
  • Wild orchid finds
  • Things to do in July


July 2021: settling

  • A first look at plans for our new garden
  • Updates on tomatoes and salad crops
  • 3 of my favourite grasses to grow from seed
  • ‘Permaculture’ and other ecological gardening jargon explained
  • Small space ideas
  • 5 favourite plants right now
  • Wild flowers to spot
  • Things to grow in June


May 2021: asters

  • My 3 favourite blossom trees right now
  • 12 x asters in my new trial of this genus!
  • 3 x plastic free ways to grow seedlings
  • Wildflowers to look out for now
  • Learn to spot wildflowers from leaf shoots
  • Free hand drawing design
  • Birds
  • Adventitious roots
  • Things to try this month


April 2021: baselines

  • My top 5 bizarre spring flowers
  • Herbs I’m adding to our new garden
  • Dealing with ground elder
  • Vegetables and flowers to sow this month
  • Learn to spot wildflowers from leaf shoots
  • Hard landscaping around naturalistic planting
  • A bit on moles
  • How to protect against deer
  • Willow anatomy
  • Pond life


March 2021: big sky

  • My top 5 tough perennial bulbs
  • A first look at our new garden
  • Easy ways to kill weeds organically
  • Seeds to sow now
  • March wildflowers to spot
  • Best protection for seedlings e.g. cold frames
  • Could plants evolve to fly?
  • A look at one of may larger designs


February 2021: monocots

  • 5 favourite evergreens for winter
  • Monocots through lockdown
  • My disasters this month
  • Wildflowers to spot
  • What to do in the garden
  • Racism being removed from taxonomical plant names by scientists
  • Garden observations
  • In the news: Chelsea Flower Show
  • What is the wild way?


January 2021: tomatoes

  • My top organic tomatoes to grow based on flavour and yield.
  • New crazy cultivars I’m trialling in 2021.
  • Wild origins of tomatoes, where they come from.
  • Tomato relatives and more.