30 MAXA recycled seed packets (15cm x 10cm)


MAXA large seed packets are made from recycled paper that can be recycled itself. This set of 30 seed packets are perfect for collecting and storing your own larger seeds or bigger quantities.

MAXA packets are 15cm tall and 10cm wide and are gummed if you’d like to seal them. I designed MAXA packets to be super simple for key information on the front with space for notes and a size to easily store.

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Collecting seeds is super easy and lots of fun, it means you can grow hundreds of your favourite flowers for free! MAXA seed packets are larger for the serious gardener wanting to grow on mass or for vegetable gardeners growing peas and beans.

I designed the large MAXA seed packets based on how I store my own seeds, it is intentionally simple with thought put into its use:

  • Larger format for maximum storage
  • Key information areas to help you remember what you have
  • Paper based to help keep seed dry in storage
  • Gum sealed rather than self-sealing, so you can re-use
  • Recycled paper that can itself be recycled