Different ways to grow from seed

I don’t know how it’s happened but I seem to have used up all of my pots and seed trays. I don’t feel I̵

8 tips to demystify growing Begonias as houseplants

When I first started going to garden events like RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the first thing I was drawn to was the begonia displ

Pot’s Growing On in November? Hedging my bets

I’ve been thinking for a while that something is up with our small garden and these are the problems: Not enclosed enoug

Pot’s Growing On: plant indoor bulbs for Christmas(ish) colour

It’s the time of year when you can sit back, put your feet up… and pick up a bulb catalogue cos there’s no r

Pot’s Growing On: addicted to crazy leaves

Hello loyal reader! (Ignore if first visit or you plan on never returning). In the run up to our September open day I was worr

Outdoor mini aubergines for pots and containers in small spaces

Here I show you the small aubergine plants I’ve been growing in pots at home and in a row on my allotment. I love them!

Pot’s Growing On? High summer in Clapham

Sorry for the lack of updates about our garden recently, I’ve been so busy opening my garden design studio it’s be

Pot’s Growing On in May: getting ready for a show-stopping summer!

May? Mayhem more like. So much is going on this month I feel like Dorothy whizzing around in a plant filled whirlwind. Diffe

Pot’s Growing On: winners and losers

I didn’t think there would be anything more nerve-wracking than having Monty Don coming around to see our garden expecti

Pot’s Growing On: April 2016

Someone pointed out I haven’t done an update about our own garden for a while, clearly I’ve been bleating on abo

Dividing a fern (Dryopteris filix-mas)

I want more ferns for our fern wall and some of our ferns are ripe for dividing. After breaking the bank with our flat renov

Getting to grips with grasses

In 2016 I want to get to grips with ornamental grasses. In particular, using them in mixed plantings  to achieve that blende

Fernatic: 50 fern species, 1 living wall!

Why we created a diverse 50 species collection of ferns on one modern living wall and how we did it. I’ve always been

Dahlia experiment: cultivars put to the test!

In late 2013 I discovered Dahlias. As unbelievable as that might sound to gardeners who have grown up with them for decades,

Pot’s Growing On: cuttings to overwinter

Today I took softwood cuttings of a few plants in order to overwinter them more easily indoors (as we have zero space) and to

Planning the winter/spring white garden

Last year I attempted a ‘spring white garden’. Bit of a disaster. I was aiming for white flowers from January to

Whoops, bought two mini succulents

Uh oh, what’s going on here? Two little succulents seem to have popped into my bag while I was at the RHS Wisley Flower

Review: Garland Grow Light Garden

Being an impatient so and so occasionally, last winter I couldn’t wait to get sowing and growing.  After a failed atte

Pot’s growing on: Dahlias, Nasturtiums and… cats?

April 2015, what a month! Practically no rain and hot all month, then the weather turned cold and wet in the final week. The p

Designer Edibles 1: Peas (Pisum sativum ‘Meteor’)

I’m on a mission to grow as many different species and varieties of plants as possible to help with my RHS Level 2 studi

Pot’s Growing On: 1st April and spring is well underway

After about a year of planning for our garden this year, we’re now able to get started on making it reality – I ca

Pot’s Growing on in March 2015? Keeping seedlings alive and watching the world come to life

With the spring equinox (and a non-existent cloud hidden solar eclipse) done and dusted, Clapham is noticeably exploding into

Fuzzy buzz

Buzzy McBuzz

Dividing a Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant)

I’ve had a Zamioculcas zamiifolia for some years now. In the last year, I found the magic formula and – despite ru

Sowing seeds, planting clematis and pruning

Today Rumbles was doing cartwheels in the garden trying to catch a fly – the most activity he’s done in months. I

February: exams done, seed sowing starts!

9th of February is a date I’ve had engrained in my mind for the last five months or so, as it was the date of my first f


Up until this year Hyacinths were a massive no no for me. Too blousy and old fashioned. But looking for things to do in the wi

Shovelling sh*t while the plants still go at it!

October is almost over, so here’s a diary of what’s been going on in Littlebury gardens to refer back to next year

It’s October and it’s still warm! Bulb planting and drain pipe trellis time

What’s going on with the weather? Although it’s dark by about 6.30pm now, it’s still sunny and very hot in t

Pests and diseases (vine weevil, slugs, snails and rust)

For every positive in the garden this summer there has been a pest or a disease to eat it. It’s been depressing.

From the streets: who needs a garden to garden?!

I was just moseying around Brighton at lunch and four houses caught my eye down a street by the North Laines. They don’

Parrot Flower Power – iPhone app and Bluetooth sensor gizmo

For Christmas, Chris bought me a Parrot Flower Power – what is it? It’s a battery powered sensor shaped like a pla

35 Turret Grove Open Garden

The National Garden Scheme (NGS) is brilliant because it raises money for charity and lets us snoop around other people’

Brachyscome iberidifolia (blue) window box pruning

Back at the start of the year we spent ages trying to decide the type of window boxes to get for our bay window and what flowe

Cacti mini garden

Three barrel cacti, including one from Chelsea Flower Show 2014. The flowering one is obviously the healthy new one from Chels

Clapham Garden (Part 3): pots happening in May?

Spring started early this year, with a warm March and April, during which I planted out most things in the garden. The garden