Website data and cookie policy

If we could run this site without collecting any data or using any cookies we would, however for some core functionality we have to. But we have done everything we can to keep this to an absolute minimum, which we have explained below.

Jack Wallington Garden Design Ltd. uses cookies and data very sparingly on this site and treats your security very seriously. Data and cookies are used for 1) making the site work, such as on the contact form and to subscribe to read locked content or to post a comment and 2) for website analytics. The site runs using an SSL security certificate to make your connection secure.

Where data is collected or used:

  1. Contact form: the contact form on this website asks for certain contact details and information related to your enquiry. This allows you to share only what you would like to, though of course we will need to know some things like name, email and phone number to be able to get in touch. Your emails are stored while required and then deleted when the enquiry is finished. We never share this information except in two instances with your permission first: 1) if you are a design client and your project is sent to landscape contractors 2) if you have entered a competition and your details are needed by the provider of a prize to send it to you.
  2. Registration sign up for subscription to the main website: this is where you register and pay a subscription (monthly or annually) for access to subscriber only content. To make this functionally work, the website needs to save your full name, email address, and an encrypted password. This lets you login to access content, change your account and receive emails to change your password if forgotten. Cookies are used here to keep you logged in if you want to be kept logged in between visits. The subscription process also uses the secure PayPal service to manage payments away from this website. PayPal has its own cookie and data policy for that. does not see or collect any of your banking details.
  3. Registration sign up for the community ( currently this has a separate sign up that requires a different email, password and name. This allows you to add new questions and reply to other questions. We require a user account for this to be able to manage who has access, allowing us to block any inappropriate users that break the site rules. The community uses cookies to keep you logged in if you would like to be kept logged in between visits.
  4. Google Analytics: like most websites, and the community ( uses cookies for website analytics information. Google Analytics tracks only aggregate data without a name or personal details associated, things like the number of page views each article has. Cookies are used for this to see how many times people return to the website, anonymously and in aggregate. As an example it may say “100 people visited a page in January, of which 20 people are return visitors” having read the page before.
  5. Email newsletter: to sign up to receive the newsletter, we need your name and email address. When signing up for a subscription to the site you will automatically be added to the subscriber’s newsletter. Each newsletter has an analytics report saying how many opens and clicks are made on that newsletter. You can unsubscribe from these at any time that you wish by clicking the unsubscribe links in the newsletter emails themselves.

Protecting your data

In all of these cases Jack Wallington Garden Design Ltd. will never pass or share your information to other companies. The two exceptions are with competitions when we may need to ask your permission to directly to share your info to send out a prize, and as mentioned above, when a garden design client’s project reaches the point of needing to brief contractors and suppliers.

Opting out of cookies

If you turn off cookies, you can read and its but you can’t login to post comments or use the community.

To opt out of this website using cookies, please see how your browser can stop them from working. For instance, in Google Chrome you can access this site in Incognito mode which automatically doesn’t use cookies. Or you can follow their guide to turn off cookies.

If you search on Google for your browser and ‘turn off cookies’ there are lots of instructions for doing this on other browsers like Safari and Internet Explorer.