Google is the best plant ID app and it will only get better

There’s been lots of hype about plant ID apps and having tried most of them I’ve never been impressed. However, my

On the verge of a new way of gardening: do we need to change what we grow?

I’ve always written about our gardens being seen as mini-wildlife reserves, eco systems we protect and observe rather th

Long term planting on the allotment

When I was about six or seven I remember adding leaves to our houseplant pots to rot down and feed the plants, hoping I could

How to grow Persicaria runcinata ‘Purple Fantasy’

If there’s one plant I can guarantee you’ll see more of this year it’s Persicaria runcinata ‘Purple Fa

Life in the Treehouse

There are some things I feel people need to know about author and writer Alice Vincent. Crucially, Alice can tear up a dance f

Roundup of glyphosate weed killer research

I’m an organic gardener and avoid using chemicals, I’m particularly guarded around edible crops, such as on my all

#WindowBoxoftheYear 2019

Everyone can grow a beautiful window box. Even if you’re renting or in full shade, it’s easy to plant up a snazzy

A visit to Writtle University College

Imagine if this were your classroom! I’d never miss a lesson. Every time I visit Writtle University College to sit my RHS ex

Banana plants, floral arches, winter cuttings and Cordylines

I’ve been asked by my Instagram and Twitter buddies to explain how to grow bananas and to give some tips on the floral a

Looking back on a year of vegetables, fruit and edible flowers

I thought I’d share some of my favourite edibles from my allotment, organically grown this year. Despite the most challe

Reflections on another gardening year

2018 was a year in which I’ve been lucky to be washed in an overwhelming “go on you can do it” from so many

I have a shed!

When I finally settled on my allotment plan three years ago (here is an updated version) I earmarked a space for a shed. It fe

Pot’s Growing On: experimenting with tender plants outside

Over the last few years I’ve been surprised at the number of tender plants that can survive outside over winter with min

Mossy Rock (part three)

It is with some excitement and a huge amount of pride that I can now show you, a year on from the start of this experiment, Mo

A dream

Last night I had a dream about Himantoglossum hircinum, I woke up worrying and I’m not sure why. The dream was really cl

P!ss off fox

Glancing out of the back window I was looking at the border when my eyes zoned in on something out of place. I should have sus

What’s wrong with Verbena bonariensis?

I was going to write about Verbena bonariensis to sing its praises in long periods of drought and then I heard something odd.

Dahlias and me

For me, dahlias need to look carved from gemstone rock with a richness of colour to match. The ones so deep in colour theyR

The law of limiting factors

Everyone is talking about the weather as though we haven’t only just entered mid-Summer. Don’t allow a few rainy d

Allotment Month 33: today is a good day

This was the best day on the allotment all year, a breeze and drizzle, the air warm, everything quiet and the world relaxed.

Real millennial gardens

Some of my biggest gardening inspiration comes from friends who I wouldn’t have expected to love growing stuff. They lov

Easily multiply your Solenostemon with midsummer cuttings

By July Solenostemon should be growing rapidly and, with the foliage types, it’s often useful to pinch them out to encou

10 no nonsense tips to jazz up your small city garden this summer

Ah, waking up to summer in the city. The sound of sirens and drunk people ringing your doorbell at 5am birds chirping. You rea

Come into my world

People have asked me a lot why I write recently and I don’t really know the answer but I think it’s something to do with n

Copper tape – it works

People who’ve been to our garden always ask how I keep my Hostas safe from slugs and snails. I use a mini armoury of mea

And it was all yellow

When I first started seriously geeking out on gardening I kept reading again and again that “yellow is banished from gar

Robot lawn mowers, battery operated gardening tools and other tech at the Garden Press Event

I attended the Garden Press Event for the first time this year and it was a wonderful meet-up for the gardening bloggers, jour

Surviving: checking the damage caused during the coldest week in eight years

The week during Storm Emma – the coldest week in our garden in eight years – was one of the most worrying weeks I&

Dr Nathaniel Ward’s Clapham home and garden to be demolished imminently

Three years ago almost to the day I wrote this blog post about discovering the existence of Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward’s

From the streets: A walk in the winter sunshine

The interplay of nature and humanity is endlessly fascinating to observe. Nowhere is it more obvious and at the same time hidd

How long do you spend planning your garden?

So here’s a question: throughout the year, how much time do you spend planning and thinking about how your garden will l

Garden Blog of the Year

Exciting news! My little blog has only gone and won an award. A real one! LOOK: I’m very honoured to have been given the

The Great Mystery: closer to nature with the awesome power of seasons

I had a rare day to myself on Sunday and I used it to wander around one of my favourite wild areas and to spend time on my all

Oh Autumn!

As an artist, through each waking day there are thousands of wonderful things that catch my eye. In that split second when eye

NGS September Open Day – #DahliaFest

Chris and I have been huge fans of the National Garden Scheme (NGS) charity for a long time. You can read about some of the NG

Smudging seasons

Chris pointed out this week that the best sunsets happen at this time of year, something I’d never appreciated – I

Pot’s Growing On? Summer part two

After August’s overcast skies, in time for bank holiday weekend the sun is back for summer round two. This ‘mid-su

Make time for what you love

With work, gardening, friends and family, my life can quickly be filled with wonderful things but it often means the seemingly

Photo gallery: Malibu’s unexpectedly exquisite wild flowers

I had planned to write a more detailed article about Malibu’s national parks and wildlife. However, I can’t do it

From the streets: California

Chris and I have just come back from a trip to LA, Vegas and Malibu visiting for a wedding. Once you enter the kingdom of plan

Come into my world

A selection of photos from my perambulations over the last few months.

Plantaholics Anonymous

[Warning: major plant geekage ahead] One of the best things to happen over the last year has been meeting people who love plan

The liberation of education

This blog post was originally titled “education = better vegetation” but the new rhyme is more appropriate. Last w


If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wondering how on earth it’s April when you thought it was still Januar

Who died and made Lupins a ‘cottage garden’ plant?

It’s been niggling me for yonks: people calling Lupins “cottage garden” plants.

Let’s make green flowers our naughty little secret

There’s one thing I will guarantee right now: you are going to see many more green flowers this year. In magazines, on

And so, we fight

I recently learnt that one colony of our rare native Pasque flower, Pulsatilla vulgaris, was wiped out in 1992 by someone d

Will Apple images save planet Earth?

Over the last year I’ve been thinking of creating an app that uses people’s smartphone geolocation to tag every pl

The best potatoes to grow

Last year I grew a set of seven different potato cultivars and only really liked one of them, ‘Jazzy’. So, tonight

44 Future gardening moments of 2016

Future gardening is the phrase I use to describe my personal take on the world. Be forward thinking. Be big thinking. Looking