Conservation charities

I believe one of the most important things people can do is protect natural habitats and life within them: conservation.

Not just saving what little we have left but reversing the destruction the human population has caused to restore and rebuild habitats that have been lost. By protecting habitats, we protect the life within them for future generations and evolution on Earth.

Below are some charities to support that are making efforts to make this happen:


  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – I am a member and supporter for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, which is our local branch of this national set of charities. Over the last few years I’ve been helping support their work by sharing what they do and speaking at their events.
  • Slow the Flow – educators in natural flood management, they help protect natural areas while also protecting homes and businesses from flooding. I am a patron for Slow the Flow, helping to champion their work while learning from them. 
  • Other local charities – I am involved in a few other small very local community groups focussed on the arts and the environment.

UK based



  • Garden Organic – at the forefront of sustainable gardening practices
  • RHS – to support the growth and spread of horticultural knowledge