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Having fun with shade and sun

Down the side of our Victorian maisonette is a narrow alley way. It’s where I started our garden so I know its seasonal patterns well. The side wall is pretty much south facing so gets blasted with full sun in the summer. The alley is only 1.5 m wide at one end and 2m wide at the other. The six foot boundary fence creating full shade on the other side. This creates two opposing conditions packed tightly next to each other, something very common in urban gardens. Continue reading Having fun with shade and sun

Dividing a fern (Dryopteris filix-mas)

I want more ferns for our fern wall and some of our ferns are ripe for dividing. After breaking the bank with our flat renovations and garden last year, I’m keen to save money by propagating from the plants we have (it’s also much more interesting and, as you probably know, I’m a propagation geek…). Dividing ferns is pretty easy, and below is how I do it. Continue reading Dividing a fern (Dryopteris filix-mas)

Fernatic: 50 fern species, 1 living wall!

Why we created a diverse 50 species collection of ferns on one modern living wall and how we did it. I’ve always been drawn to ferns. If fairies and pixies exist, they will be found sitting on a mushroom under a fern in the woods. Ferns are otherworldly and ethereal. Transporting you to another time and place. Continue reading Fernatic: 50 fern species, 1 living wall!

Book Review: Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns

Ferns are probably my favourite group of plants. They’re odd, secretive and lush. They’re little living time machines. The Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns is one of the new books by Kew Gardens, forming a series of books exploring a single group or family of plants in great detail. It was an essential read. Continue reading Book Review: Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns