Dahlia swap!

No one else but me had set foot on my allotment since I’d owned it – I’ve just never really thought anyone would be bothered to come and it’s also a horticultural nightmare with old junk and weeds galore. However, driven by a surplus of Dahlias people have been, and it’s been great.

First Chris made his first trip the other weekend to help me carry potatoes and carrots, this week fellow local garden designers Terka and Rachel to help take away some Dahlias to save them from the compost heap (with Terka’s children and dog in tow!) A fun – if midgie filled – evening of cutting ensued. Embarrassingly I seemed to come off the better, using Dahlias as currency to exchange with some wonderful grasses from Rachel and homemade jam from Terka. Thank you both!

Thank you @jackjjw for the lovely dahlias ! Great to see your allotment! Next time I’ll wear longs!!! #dahlias #flowerstagram

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Dahlias! Thanks again @jackjjw (don’t worry, these vases will be distributed : )

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  1. It was such a treat to see your allotment – you should entertain there more often! Nearby was also wonderful – great to discover a new part of town.

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