Large garden design in Clapham, London

Recently finished and planted, in this large family garden in Clapham, London I lowered a third of the area to make a more usable barbecue and entertainment space with lawn on the same plane. Two new patios were added at either end. At the far end of the garden a minimalist architect designed pavilion with green roof forms a new focal point, around which I introduced an entirely new garden layout to work beautifully with its clean lines. The layout includes a small network of paths around experimental woodland and perennial meadow planting for colours and structures that change across every season of the year. With children using the garden, the lawns were important and the paths were meant for playing in, as well as to create private seating areas and an area to walk around observing the plants to relax. Two small kitchen garden zones are included for edibles, plus lighting so it can all be seen at night. As the planting establishes there will be colour from flowers in every month of the year.