A year in vegetable, fruit and herb photos

We’re taught not to play with our food but WHATEVS, I love arranging veg to show them at their beautiful best before prepping and eating them. Below is an ever expanding gallery of vegetables shown in the month they are picked, I hope it demonstrates how it’s possible to grow something to eat easily for every month of the year – shown here in the month they were harvested.


Brussels sprouts ‘Rubine’
Ruby chard, kale, Brussel sprout leaves, winter salad leaves, sage


Jerusalem artichokes, Helianthus tuberosum



Purple sprouting broccoli
Purple sprouting broccoli
Even more kale, broccoli and beautiful forced rhubarb
Rhubarb, lettuce, ruby chard, asparagus


Four cultivars of asparagus
Rhubarb ready for crumble


Tomato ‘Green Zebra’



The time of plenty!
A mixed variety of different exciting potatoes
Mini aubergines ‘Pot Black’, French beans ‘Purple Queen’, runner beans, outdoor tomatoes and various courgettes


Autumn raspberries
Colourful potatoes and padron peppers
Fresh apples from stepovers ‘Falstaff’


A selection of different carrots
Squashes and a marrow


Parsnip ‘Gladiator’, potatoes and leeks ready to cook


4 thoughts on “A year in vegetable, fruit and herb photos

  1. Allotment goals! These look amazing. Thanks for posting these. I’m excited to grow some patty pan squashes too (partly as I’ve never eaten them before and they look so unusual). How many plants would you recommend for a family of 3 and what kind of supports work best as I was thinking of growing them up a metal arch. Thanks.

  2. Great images. I am just looking at the printed images on all my seed packages.I took dozens of carefully arranged tomato images last year !

  3. Wish the Brussels sprouts I bought had come with a new variety warning – that yellowish look on the cut leaves made me think they were going off. What a waste!

  4. Wow looks amazing. I got my first ever allotment 1/2 plot 2 months ago.
    I wish I had the skills to grow all these lovely vegetables.
    Keep the photos coming, it’s such an inspiration 🙂

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