Becoming an art student again

In January 2013 my friend Marcos encouraged me to find a drawing class and just give it a go. I’d been moaning about giving up art at GCSE, and how I wished I hadn’t. Well, I had the best luck and stumbled upon the Lavender Hill Studios.

A place where artists and students study and learn together. In the space of seven months they have helped me to go from this:

IMG_4457 IMG_4480

To some of this:

IMG_4939 IMG_0286 IMG_0300

None of them are finished pictures and I have got so far to go before I’d consider anything to be ‘good’. But they’re just practices and I’m enjoying it, they’ve given me hope that I’m not too late to continue something I loved but thought I’d lost forever.

2 thoughts on “Becoming an art student again

  1. Hi jack,

    It’s been a long long time but no joke I woke this morning and found myself wandering what became of you.and regretting the loss of our friendship. So to find this site and see you well and flourishing is awesome. I’m a storyboard artist for BBC project now and really glad to see you still creating art, love the woman from behind tonal study.
    Would love to catch up if you were inclined to do so. I come up to London fairly regularly so I could come to you? Well either way really glad to know your well.

    All the best buddy,

    1. James!
      That is SO weird! Not kidding either but literally this week I was doing the same – I did some searches for you, but you’d left on comment on here all along! lol
      It would be amazing to see you again, thanks for getting in touch. I hope life’s been treating you well – storyboard artist is a job.
      I’ll check if I can get in touch through this but if not my email is
      Hopefully we’ll get to catch up soon.

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