Clapham garden: Autumn is on the way

Summer is almost over and Autumn is on the way. Many of our new plants are simply too young and small to have the impact I was hoping for, which, if they survive the Winter, will be a totally different story next year. But finally the beds are starting to look lived in.

Clapham garden September

I’ve learnt a lot this year. Where the sun falls throughout the day and at what time, that slugs and snails are a huge unstoppable menace, and that our soil is very poor, full of rubble. So I’ll be removing a lot of soil in spring and adding a tonne (possibly literally!) of manure and compost and moving plants around. There were other problems too, with the two new Echineceas (tomato soup and fatal attraction) both losing the colour of their flowers – I think through lack of sun.

It’s great now though – mistakes and all – and I love the late summer deep warm colours that have come through.

Clapham garden September Clapham garden September

I’m experimenting with propagation too, I’ve divided the large Heuchera liquorice into four plants. I did a terrible job of slicing it, so let’s see how they survive. I’ve also pinched some small pieces of Yew, ivy, a random shade plant and a climbing Hydrangea from the local area to give them a shot as cuttings too.

IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2931

If anyone knows what that last plant is with the little round leaves, please let me know!

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