How to make an Aeonium arboreum branch (part three)

I’ve been asked a lot over the last couple of years for an update on my Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ and cutt

How to grow annual Persicaria orientalis from seed

One of the Persicaria we’re not judging on the RHS Persicaria Trial Forum is Persicaria orientalis because it’s an

Pot’s Growing On in February? Peat free propagation, houseplant beautification and winter division

Over the last few weeks I’ve been gradually getting ready for spring one little task at a time. I haven’t had the

How to grow Begonia leaf cuttings

I love leafy begonias with their wonderful patterns, colours and shapes. In fact, I can’t have enough of them. The only

October is a great time to divide perennials

One of my favourite things to do in the year is divide perennials in autumn. You can actually divide most perennials at any ti

Different ways to grow from seed

I don’t know how it’s happened but I seem to have used up all of my pots and seed trays. I don’t feel I̵

Easily multiply your Solenostemon with midsummer cuttings

By July Solenostemon should be growing rapidly and, with the foliage types, it’s often useful to pinch them out to encou

Collecting seeds from Leonotis nepetifolia

Over the last few years I’ve been growing Leonotis nepetifolia (thanks to Jonathan Gregson for correcting the species in

How to make an Aeonium arboreum branch (Part Two)

A year ago I experimented with nipping out the growing point of my Aeonium ‘Zwartkop‘ to make it branch. It w

Propagating Hippeastrum from offset bulbs

Hippeastrum (incorrectly called Amarylis by shops for some reason) are amazing indoor plants that flower in Winter / early Spr

Does peat free compost work?

Between 2015- 2016 I put peat free compost to the ultimate test, I only used peat free compost for every single plant I grew.

Pot’s Growing On: cuttings to overwinter

Today I took softwood cuttings of a few plants in order to overwinter them more easily indoors (as we have zero space) and to

Avoid damping off during indoor propagation

If I can offer any tips for indoor propagation on a small scale, it’s do a small number of things to avoid damping off

Review: Garland Super 7 electric heated windowsill propagator

To keep this review simple: it works, it’s £25, buy it. If you want to know more, the Garland Super 7 electric heated

Review: Garland Grow Light Garden

Being an impatient so and so occasionally, last winter I couldn’t wait to get sowing and growing.  After a failed atte

Clapham garden: Autumn is on the way

Summer is almost over and Autumn is on the way. Many of our new plants are simply too young and small to have the impact I wa