Living wall design in Camberwell, London

This garden was already well established with a collection of tree fern species viewed through huge glass windows of a new architect designed corten steel extension. However on the left of the building the large windows looked onto a standard fence in an incredibly narrow side return and my brief was to clad it all in a living wall. The area is 11 metres long and the living wall at its highest point 4 metres tall, creating an area of 35 metres square – doubling the planting area of the garden. I selected a range of evergreen plants, including a mix of colours that would complement the corten. Once established, the garden and living wall created the feeling of living in a sunny and private Australasian ravine.

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Jack Wallington

I'm an RHS qualified garden designer living in Clapham, London who loves growing plants and designing with them. Follow me on Twitter.