Looking back on a year of vegetables, fruit and edible flowers

I thought I’d share some of my favourite edibles from my allotment, organically grown this year. Despite the most challenging conditions, with some failed crops in the drought, my allotment was more productive than any year before. I remember growing fruit and veg as a little boy, podding peas outside our little cottage, while picking daisies, and growing food is still as liberating. How has your year been?

3 thoughts on “Looking back on a year of vegetables, fruit and edible flowers

  1. Many thanks for sharing this post – its a wonderful record of what looks like a fantastic year.
    Unfortunitly I am not much of a veg grower – never seem to have much success but I do admire all your work and shared posts.

    Kind regards & Best Wishes for another successful year in 2019.

  2. What an amazing array which makes my mouth water. A visual feast too. The pigeons had all my veg this year – they won’t get another chance.

    Happy New Year Love Penny

  3. Hi jack,
    What a fantastic display of food and flowers. I wish you a happy, healthy and productive 2019.
    I Have just been tidying some of my garden on a very mild 31st December.
    Here,s to a happy growing season.
    Love Annie x

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