Mossy Rock (part two)

I know what you’re thinking moss fans, will he shut up about that bloomin rock what’s happening with Mossy Rock? Well, good news! There is some serious mossage going on right now. Look at this:

Since Mossy Rock (part one) the small mosslets (not a technical term) have been mossing up (nor that) and growth is looking particularly strong. At this rate I suspect Mossy Rock will be almost fully mossed by the end of spring.

And look, we have not one but two species of moss growing. On the summit there is another moss.

If you’re reading this and thinking “what the hell is he banging on about” don’t worry, you’ll be in good company. But to recap, I am allowing a rock in our garden to naturally become a mini moss garden by sitting back and doing nothing to it. Later I hope to plant other things into this natural layer of moss. Read more in the original post about Mossy Rock.

Where will this mossy journey take us? Stay tuned and find out.

2 thoughts on “Mossy Rock (part two)

  1. Looking forward to the next update. The suspense is killing me. Will I have any fingernails left by the end of the season? And don’t you dare move any of those cobbles either!

    1. Sorry to leave you hanging with the updates John but I do promise, I will literally not lift a finger as far as Mossy Rock is concerned. Those cobbles are SAFE. I can report that the lush, lush mossy growth shown above has somewhat dried up in this dry cold spell but I hope it will be back. It’s not over for Mossy Rock yet!

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