Mossy Rock (part three)

It is with some excitement and a huge amount of pride that I can now show you, a year on from the start of this experiment, Mossy Rock right NOW:

Look at Mossy Rock all covered in moss! Glowing green like an imperfect emerald. As I’m sure you are an avid Mossy Rock fan reading this (see part one and part two) I don’t need to remind you that this is a lump of concrete I’ve left on our patio and literally done nothing to. I haven’t even moved the pebbles on top (as requested by many a Mossy Rock fan). Here is Mossy Rock a year ago, and you can see how the moss has grown in that time:

I’m really pleased that the Sempervivums have clung on to life too. My overall aim is for Mossy Rock to be totally mossed in winter when it’s damp and dark and for the Sempervivums to start growing around in this naturally grown moss based media. It’s working because the cement and rubble block is porous and absorbs water, making for perfect mossy conditions. Moss dies back in the hot summer and then reappears in the cooler, wetter months.

Part of me wants to move that grass directly behind Mossy Rock to form punk hair as I can see a face forming but it’s really important our garden doesn’t even go there…

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