My garden, my lifeblood

I’ve just stepped back inside from the first quiet couple of hours in our garden this spring. Sitting there in a tshirt

Pot’s Growing On in May: getting ready for a show-stopping summer!

May? Mayhem more like. So much is going on this month I feel like Dorothy whizzing around in a plant filled whirlwind. Diffe

Pot’s Growing On: winners and losers

I didn’t think there would be anything more nerve-wracking than having Monty Don coming around to see our garden expecti

RHS Wisley in spring

I had two gardening epiphanies on Friday at RHS Wisley (that place gets me with every visit!). First, just sitting in the sun

Pot’s Growing on in March 2015? Keeping seedlings alive and watching the world come to life

With the spring equinox (and a non-existent cloud hidden solar eclipse) done and dusted, Clapham is noticeably exploding into

Cacti mini garden

Three barrel cacti, including one from Chelsea Flower Show 2014. The flowering one is obviously the healthy new one from Chels

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

I went to the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time this year and it was a much better experience than I expected. There were

Clapham Manor Street front garden

At the Chelsea Flower Show 2014, one of the gardens I loved the most was the London Square garden, inspired by the many London

28 Sibella Road, Clapham

The garden of designer, Lorraine Johnson Rosner was open over the summer and is an immaculate space with an extra side garden

Ham House, Richmond, London

In early summer, Chris and I visited Ham House in Richmond. The walk along the Thames in the sun was an unexpected bonus with

NGS 2014: 51 The Chase, Clapham

The garden of designer Charles Rutherfoord at 51 The Chase in Clapham is tulip heaven in spring, with thousands of the flowers

Kew Gardens in spring: a sea of blue bells and dazzling Azaleas

I’ve visited Kew gardens at least once a year since I was a child (probably about 9 years old) and since moving to Londo

Holy Trinity Hospice, Clapham, Open Garden

The Holy Trinity Hospice in Clapham has an award winning garden split into a number of key areas. They including a terrace, in

Clapham Common Old Town Daffodils