Veggies in the local community garden

I’m super excited right now because I have been very lucky and been given access to dig around in a raised bed in our local community garden in Clapham. Mostly I’m excited to be able to contribute to one of my favourite spots in London in a small way and also because now I can grow vegetables!

Our garden is too small and shaded. In two weeks I’ve figured out that:

1) I’m quite good at tidying up stuff





2) I make friends with Robins quite easily

Hello little robin!


3) Peas and broad beans have varieties that will grow in winter and crop in spring

Planted two weeks ago, these little badgers are springing up strongly already.

Broad beans (Aquadulce claudia)…


Peas (Pisum sativum ‘Meteor’)…


4) Bamboo canes can make you look professional when really you don’t know what you’re doing

Hopefully these won’t blow or be pushed over but I’m not entirely convinced they’ll even stay up themselves.


Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of ‘veggies in a raised bed over winter’ coming to a blog near you (very near you, this blog) soon.

One thought on “Veggies in the local community garden

  1. Wonderful Community Spirit!!!
    I first grew vegetables in Buckinghamshire Jack if you recall? and you did also in your Greehouse.
    However, the best vegetable growing was when I began the Allotment for Nursery Children in Lancashire so that the younger generation realised that peas grew from good seed and soil not come out of tins and cold packets.

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