50 Dahlia photos from my garden and allotment

As you may have heard, I love Dahlias (see more Dahlia posts here), they rock my flowery world. Below is a selection of those I’ve grown over the last few years in our garden and on my allotment. Click the photos to zoom in and open a slideshow.

5 thoughts on “50 Dahlia photos from my garden and allotment

  1. #s 4 and 17 are my favorites. Vwhat variety or name have they? That said,mthey are all spectacular. Thanks for posting them. Nice job!

    1. Hi Chuck! They are 4) Playa Blanca and 17) Hillcrest Royal. They’re cactus varieties and I love them too, especially Hillcrest Royal.

      1. Thanks Jack! I bought 3 Dalia plants at a regional nursery I travel to. I’ve transplanted them, my first ever Dalias, and call the arrangement/pot my Jackpot🙂.

  2. I love dahlias too. I live in the UK not far from London and I have dinnerplate ones and smaller ones. I’m only just beginning into the dahlia thing when I bought some tubers a few years back. I’m stuck for space atm. But when we move I plan to have my own dahoia bed.

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