Come into my world: haphazard

On my allotment two years ago I started increasing the number of ornamental plants because I found I had loads of spares, to use for cutting and to help stop weeds in areas I wasn’t using. It feels like a good time to share some photos of interest to me. Most of this isn’t designed, I don’t like a lot of it, in fact I actively dislike a lot of it, but I’ve found it useful to see plant accidents as well as intentional planting.

2 thoughts on “Come into my world: haphazard

  1. I really love the mix of colours. Pls can ask – the flat peach coloured flowers (sorry I have completely forgotten their name) on the 14th photo down – I have some in my garden but I’ve found that the stems are very spindly and not producing many flowers. Do you have any advice to rejuvenate them? Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics, Jack.
    As usual your talent as a photographer, your keen artist’s eye and obvious love for all kinds of plants truly transforms the humblest weed into a work of art.
    I like all those photos, but have a special mention for the last one, a real floral tapestry. Well-done!

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