From the streets: London’s green spaces in Lockdown

Everyone has been coping with the last month in their own way, surreal is a word I’ve been bandying around a lot, it feels the most fitting to me; we’re living a strange alternative life. I’m back into something of a routine with some great design projects and we’ve all been gifted the most wonderful spring weather (though that’s led to some very early watering!) I can’t say there are elements of lockdown life I’m not enjoying, life feels calmer and I’ve been further appreciating our little flat, our home here in Clapham, London. Yet every time I slip into feeling some form of peace about the pandemic we find ourselves in, my mind jolts back to those largely unseen to most of us who are affected. The people who are seriously ill with the virus and those helping them. When I think of them all, my heart sinks, my own resolve strengthening for them and my claps for the NHS have become louder. Enveloping all of this has been nature continuing with plane and pollution free skies but observed in a new, troubled veil.

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