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Jack Wallington Garden Design Ltd. for modern gardens with a unique and high-end finish. 

A great garden will transform your home and life, no matter how big or small. Please contact me to discuss on the phone or in person.

Benefits of a designed garden

  • Gardens can be stylish outdoor areas that transform your entire home by creating beautiful and interesting views.
  • Today’s gardens are fully equipped as an additional living space to use throughout the year.
  • Planting that is genuinely low-maintenance and beautiful for years to come.
  • They can look spectacular and truly magical whether you’re in them or looking at them – transporting you to another time or place.
  • Designed gardens are a sanctuary to escape busy lives, unwind and relax.
  • Significantly increase the value of your home.
  • Great gardens will create memories for you, your friends and family.
  • Reconnect with nature to improve health and be wild and free.


1) Your brief and preparation

At the start of a design project, I will meet with you to listen to your plans and hopes for your newly designed garden. We will go through a number of questions to understand how you want to use your new garden, your likes, dislikes and preferred styles. I will then review your existing garden to identify the opportunities and challenges with it. The brief and preparation stage is a really fun process where ideas are shared, and dreams can be discussed to later be realised. This step can be as collaborative as you wish.

2) Garden surveys

Garden surveys are accurate measurements and records of your garden’s existing features. Before undertaking any form of garden project it is important to understand the space you have and what is possible – and not possible – within it. A garden survey is presented on a scale diagram and will record and inform you of the exact size of your garden, the size of features in relation to each other, soil type and location of services. The scale diagram is then used as the basis for all future stages of the garden design process.

3) Garden design and presentation visuals

Visual concepts for your garden created to give you an idea of how the garden will look when finished. Once the client brief and surveys have been conducted the design process can begin. The design has a number of key steps to it:

  1. Initial idea sketches and mood boards – to explore different style directions, offering you a few styles and layouts to choose the one you like most.
  2. Design concept and research – a detailed look at the practical elements of the chosen direction, potential plants, furnishings and landscaping finishes. Presented as a set of mood boards showing these chosen items.
  3. 3D models and illustrations – computer artwork to give you an accurate look at the final garden plan.
  4. Artistic impression – a designed set of drawings to convey the mood and feel of the garden to complement the 3D model.

As with every stage, the design creation is open and collaborative where adjustments can be quickly made. Based on the survey’s scale drawings, the design stage is exciting because you will start to see your new garden becoming a reality.

4) Scale construction drawings

A detailed drawing to scale showing where features should go, their size, materials used and how they should be built. Scale construction drawings are used alongside the designs to give planning application officers, architects and landscape contractors (who will build the final design) a precise and easy to follow guide. This will help the contractors to build the design for key features like patios, steps, walls, levelled areas, lawns, ponds and planting areas. Scale construction drawings also mark out where existing services like electricity, water supply and waste water are. Together with the designs, the scale construction drawings allow the private owned gardens to be put out to tender. For construction firms, I am happy to work on your existing projects if you need drawings and plans to secure work or to develop a garden.

5) Border designs and planting


The most important element of a garden is the planting and I can help makeover your garden quickly and easily, transforming it for a beautiful, low maintenance garden. Throughout the design process I will:

  • Create a designed planting plan based on your likes and preferred style.
  • Clear borders of weeds and refresh soil ready for planting.
  • Order unique, high quality, easy to grow plants from hand selected nurseries.
  • Plant everything carefully to get them off to the best start.

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