Let’s make green flowers our naughty little secret

There’s one thing I will guarantee right now: you are going to see many more green flowers this year. In magazines, on TV and at the design shows. For gardeners it’s like we’ve discovered a new seam of Jade, luminous gems that really do grow on trees.

But come closer. To most people green flowers are a near invisible, malfunctioning joke. They don’t understand their worth. Shhh… Let’s not tell anyone about them! What if we keep our Jade gems to ourselves? Our little secret! I won’t tell if you don’t.

Then one day, when we’re standing in front of the other equivalent of horticultural fine wine, the naturalistic border, admiring the tints of glowing green setting the whole thing off, I’ll nod a knowing nod at you. You’ll wink back, our naughty little secret safe and we’ll share a cheeky smirk as we go our separate ways.

3 thoughts on “Let’s make green flowers our naughty little secret

  1. I was going to say thanks but no thanks. But after seeing the pics it’s a definite maybe. You may get a nod and a wink yet.

    1. There are a lot of bad ones out there, and really they don’t stand out very much but don’t tell anyone I told you, there are some interesting ones.

  2. Xxamkngst other non-gardening and non-day-job things I do is occasional flower arranging in church (wonderful big spaces to work in). I was “on duty” a couple of weeks ago and did two big pedestals with mostly green flowers. It felt fresh after the Christmas extravaganzas. Gorgeous things!

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