The best potatoes to grow

Last year I grew a set of seven different potato cultivars and only really liked one of them, ‘Jazzy’. So, tonight I asked my Twitter buddies which potatoes they recommend and I was inundated with amazing suggestions! There are some clear winners, namely ‘Charlotte’ which everyone recommended and ‘Anya’ / ‘Pink Fir Apple’. Below is the full list with links to the Twitter accounts of those who recommended them.

Top of the Pots

  1. ‘Charlotte’ – recommended by Tess Alps, Sophie RobertsCharles Dowding, Ginny AndersonHelen Yemm, Neil Houston
  2. ‘Anya’ (‘Pink Fir Apple’) – recommended by Tess Alps, Paul Hervey-Brooks, Chris Howell,  Philip and James Robbins (who suggested the related Anya instead of the parent Pink Fir)
  3. ‘Vivaldi’ – recommended by Sheila WhiteheadJames Robbins
  4. ‘Bute’ – recommended by Brendan Byrne
  5. ‘Apache’ – recommended by Charles Dowding
  6. ‘Athlete’ – recommended by Charles Dowding
  7. ‘Lady Christl’ – recommended by Beryl
  8. ‘Alouette’ – recommended by Beryl
  9. ‘Belle de Fontenay’ – recommended by Paul Hervey-Brooks
  10. ‘Mayan Gold’ – recommended by James Robbins
  11. ‘Kestrel’ – recommended by James Robbins
  12. ‘Sarpo Mira’ – recommended by James Robbins
  13. ‘Maxine’ – recommended by Sharon Moncur

One thought on “The best potatoes to grow

  1. Potatoes ought to be reaped when they are youthful as they are great and have the best flavor at that point. It is constantly fitting to leave the grown potatoes for a little while under the dirt as it will guarantee that the skin is set well.

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