Come into my world

People have asked me a lot why I write recently and I don’t really know the answer but I think it’s something to do with needing to express how amazing I feel the natural world is in a deep and meaningful way in a desperate attempt to protect its fragility. I also want to share what I learn with the world because together we can all make a difference. We can make the whole planet beautiful again if we each cultivate a patch of earth and protect precious areas of habitat alongside where we live.

My seed sown prairie plants come to maturity after three years

Allotment cut flower patch too pretty to cut yet

A few soft changes to our garden begin to have presence

Lizard orchids one of nature’s oddities on our own shores

Living gem stones in grass, Pyramidal orchids opening

The flutter of a fairy

Rogue poppies lining our streets

2 thoughts on “Come into my world

  1. The poppies are way cool, especially the ruffles one. What’s that cool purple bell flower in your garden? It’s great!

  2. Great photos, Jack. I totally agree with how we can all make a difference. Sometimes I wonder if the majority of people actually understand how fragile the natural world is. It’s a perfect system once you understand how the natural world works. I find myself, more and more, everyday appreciating the benefits of participating in the natural world by way of gardening. Often times it requires one to slow down and it may also require a bit of tedium. But if you can find ‘quality’ within the tedium, that’s when the magic happens!

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