11 steps to a wildlife friendly allotment

I love all life and I’m sure if you’re reading this you don’t need any explanation as to why helping wildlif

On the verge of a new way of gardening: do we need to change what we grow?

I’ve always written about our gardens being seen as mini-wildlife reserves, eco systems we protect and observe rather th

Wild patch: the challenge of a wildlife friendly allotment

My allotment is not like most, I don’t have raised beds, I let weeds grow because I love them and I produce food for us

Come into my world

People have asked me a lot why I write recently and I don’t really know the answer but I think it’s something to do with n

Oh Beehave!

I was pottering around outside today in our little urban garden and while watering the ferns I spotted that little badger up t

Pot’s growing on in January: Planning for summer, sowing sweet peas, Eucalyptus gall wasp and houseplant love

After an incredibly busy end to 2017 when all thought of our garden went up the chimney with Father Christmas, my mind is now

An introduction to native wild orchids the alien wonder beings

People tell you that magic isn’t real, that Utopia is impossible. They’re talking bollocks. I know because I’

Photo gallery: Malibu’s unexpectedly exquisite wild flowers

I had planned to write a more detailed article about Malibu’s national parks and wildlife. However, I can’t do it

Release the stress, embrace the mess

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure recently for our garden to look good. In photos, in person and increasingly stressi

Will Apple images save planet Earth?

Over the last year I’ve been thinking of creating an app that uses people’s smartphone geolocation to tag every pl

Designing for wildlife

This video is quite long but the presentation within it is important and well worth watching in full. It talks about the impor

4 Fundamentals of attracting wildlife in urban gardens

The other day I was in the garden watering our fern wall during one of those still and quiet moments that are so rare in cen

Taming the weedy wildflower

Weedy humans are weak. Weedy plants are tough as nails. Wild flowers we like. Weeds we don’t. I think we need to make ou

Top 6 Best Bee Magnet Flowers of 2015

One of my top priorities for 2015 was to have a garden grown as a nature reserve, making sure there is lots on offer for nec

Great Dixter – a garden outside of time

Stepping onto Great Dixter soil is like stepping into a dream world of wispy, airy meadows, curvy Dali-esque hedges, alien jun

A walk on the South Downs at dusk

It started with a lama and ended with an allotment of Delphiniums, with wildflower meadows and immaculate fields in between. E

Fuzzy buzz: heuchera think you are?

How cool is this little fella? Buzzin around. Couldn’t get enough of the Heucheras. Cheeky tube faced chappy that he is!

Fuzzy buzz

Buzzy McBuzz

Camley Street Natural Park, King’s Cross, London

This weekend I was in central London on a trip as a treat for our work’s volunteers. During one of the activities I stum