Wild about Weeds: Garden Design with Rebel Plants

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On the verge of a new way of gardening: do we need to change what we grow?

I’ve always written about our gardens being seen as mini-wildlife reserves, eco systems we protect and observe rather th

Umbilicus rupestris, navelwort

At the end of June 2016 Chris and I were in Chilham, Kent for the beautiful and dreamy countryside wedding of our friends, Sim

Come into my world

People have asked me a lot why I write recently and I don’t really know the answer but I think it’s something to do with n


One day there will come a moment when I’ll have seen all of the species of native wild orchids. I’m not sure how I

Pulsatilla vulgaris

Finally, after many years, today I came up close and personal with one of my favourite plants growing and flowering in the wil

An introduction to native wild orchids the alien wonder beings

People tell you that magic isn’t real, that Utopia is impossible. They’re talking bollocks. I know because I’

There you are

For hours now I search for you Across chalky downs of grass Jewels a plenty everywhere But where are you I ask

From the streets: A walk in the winter sunshine

The interplay of nature and humanity is endlessly fascinating to observe. Nowhere is it more obvious and at the same time hidd

Photo gallery: Malibu’s unexpectedly exquisite wild flowers

I had planned to write a more detailed article about Malibu’s national parks and wildlife. However, I can’t do it

Solstice in the city – Clapham Common

I can be my own worst enemy sometimes, in fact, a lot of the time. I can be so focussed that I become blinkered. At times like

4 Fundamentals of attracting wildlife in urban gardens

The other day I was in the garden watering our fern wall during one of those still and quiet moments that are so rare in cen

Taming the weedy wildflower

Weedy humans are weak. Weedy plants are tough as nails. Wild flowers we like. Weeds we don’t. I think we need to make ou

Wild orchid hunting

My friend Pete Langley took me to a secret location on the South Downs one sunny summer evening this week to see some of our