Designing for wildlife

This video is quite long but the presentation within it is important and well worth watching in full. It talks about the importance of a ‘green infrastructure’ within urban areas; cities, towns, even on bridges.

John MacLeod packs the lecture with data showing the importance of plants to the value of properties, cooling cities, improving health and even encouraging people to spend more money (no wonder Apple has added massive trees to its shops). He explains how horticulture will play a pivotal role in leading a new movement of returning nature where we have removed it.

I like his point on the detail of planting. We should pay as much attention to detail in planting as we do to the architecture and decorating of buildings. His lecture comes at a time when I feel many people are now listening.

I’m pleased to say that all of my designs are wildlife friendly, and I will support John MacLeod’s call to arms by learning more about the detail of which plants and cultivars offer more nectar to insects.

This is exciting, is anyone else excited? 😀


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