Sustainable plant nurseries

I have always bought my plants from as many independent nurseries as I can, the passionate, talented growers who make our gardens so wonderful and diverse. While it’s impossible to always buy plants that have been raised in peat free compost or without pesticides, I’ve been making an increased effort to focus on those that do offer plants grown with more sustainable methods, or are trying their best to.

I believe it’s really important to support nurseries that are trying to make the shift to being greener, even if they aren’t perfect yet, because our purchases help them make important changes. None of us are perfect when it comes to our footprint on the planet, it’s about our actions and trying. (Have I forgotten to add your nursery to this list? It’s not intentional, please email me to remind me. The only criteria is that you must grow plants in peat free compost, and ideally pesticide free / organic).

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