Autumn at Kew Gardens

It feels like Kew Gardens is upping its garden design efforts – or perhaps I’m just more aware of them. The grass and salvia borders look absolutely stunning in the autumn sun, and it was exciting to see the new 300 metre long Broad Walk borders turn from muddy patches in spring to being stuffed with young perennials waiting to burst out next year. 

kew-gardens-autumn - 2
Now this is a Salvia border
kew-gardens-autumn - 1
Kew’s grass borders waving around in the wind with the many different species and cultivars.
kew-gardens-autumn - 4
Calamagrostis epigejos particularly interesting for being so upright
kew-gardens-autumn - 5
Grass borders in the autumn dusk light
kew-gardens-autumn - 7
These little alien things are interesting, Iresine lindenii
kew-gardens-autumn - 6
Euphorbia rigida has stand out foliage and habit

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