Oh Autumn!

As an artist, through each waking day there are thousands of wonderful things that catch my eye. In that split second when eye meets with wonder, a tear in the fabric of the universe rips to the soul – a bolt of electricity between mind and the billions of impossible random events that led to that creation, that moment of utter beauty. As artists, creators, designers we attempt to steer the universe into revealing these to us and sometimes it obliges. Nature on the other hand succeeds with the faintest breath as a leaf swirls or a seed coasts lazily through the air. Every second on this planet is filled with magic but it is Autumn, the shortest of seasons, when nature unveils its true artistry. Bright colours drain rapidly, hazed, condensing, merging and magnifying. The year gone colliding with the year to come, crushing through time in a visual flare that can be seen for the briefest of moments through lenses of the most magnificent colours. 

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