Tulip flux

Bright flowers of Tulips – sumptuous blobs of paint on an artist’s palette.

East Ruston Old Vicarage (2016)

Mesmerising intensity of colour that pierce pin holes in the fabric of reality, pulling our gaze into their little vortices.

Hampton Court Palace (2016)

Succulent velvet tepals on totems hover over the emerging carpet of spring green beneath.

Our garden (2016)

Finest among them are those with multiple depths of colour as though the artist has captured the layering clouds of the cosmos.

Hampton Court Palace (2016)

Dipping their brush into a pot of eastern spice.

East Ruston Old Vicarage (2016)

Colour changing with light, silks  blowing gently in the dry heated haze.

The Chase NGS garden 2014

In some the colours bleed from one to next, taking inspiration from Turner himself.

My allotment (2017)

Disposable and fake too. Wasteful, guilt ridden, throwaway luxuries.

The Chase NGS (2014)

Some point to species tulips, more perennial by nature and likely to return but missing the artist’s eye and flick of brush. 

RHS Harlow Carr (2016)

No other flower compares to the delicious, fleeting morsel of the tulip.

My allotment (2017)

Perhaps I struggle with their impermanence and craving because they’re a reminder of all things.

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