35 Turret Grove Open Garden

The National Garden Scheme (NGS) is brilliant because it raises money for charity and lets us snoop around other people’s gardens! It’s great fun and, once you get past the awkwardness of going into a stranger’s garden, a great way of meeting other enthusiastic plant obsessives!

35 Turret Grove is our fourth Clapham garden invasion and it’s a tropical paradise. Really beautiful garden. The show stopper this year was a large Echium, but all the plants and little secluded spaces were special.

We picked up a small yellow ornamental chilli too… We seem to be very excited about that judging by these photos!

IMG_2125 IMG_2126

One thought on “35 Turret Grove Open Garden

  1. Brilliant ! Sheer creativity / every plant ,shrub or tree sings with the love this attention to detail designer bring to this exciting garden .
    His generosity let me creep into this magical plot earlier today An utter treat !

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