The gardener who keeps on giving

The first time I met Penny Snell she handed me a glass of wine and a canapé at an evening garden opening to raise money for t

Power of propagation, Ulting Wick (NGS)

I don’t remember when I first started following Philippa Burrough on Twitter. Philippa is the owner, gardener and plant

NGS September Open Day – #DahliaFest

Chris and I have been huge fans of the National Garden Scheme (NGS) charity for a long time. You can read about some of the NG

Exciting exotics at 24 Grove Park, Camberwell open on the NGS

We’re particularly spoilt for exciting gardens in South London with a lean toward the exotic as the more tender plants t

Our first NGS open day: a weather miracle, cake and allotment cut flowers

Opening our garden to the public to raise money for the National Garden Scheme (NGS) was both an honour and a total mind-blitz

The way of things

Early March has arrived and I popped over to Diana Ross’ house around the corner from us again to see her garden at the

Beauty of life in all its stages (4 Macauley Road, Clapham NGS)

Time is a wonderful gift, it changes things. None are more aware of this than gardeners.

NGS Camberwell

As my longtime readers will know I am a huge, huge fan of the National Garden Scheme (NGS). Chris and I visit loads of gardens

7 Chiswick Open Gardens in One Day! (NGS)

On Saturday 28 May 2016 Chris and I popped to west London to visit the four NGS open gardens on Chiswick Mall. On paying to e

NGS 2015 – one of the greatest things to hit British summertime

Quite unexpectedly, one of the highlights of my year snuck up on me and I now look forward to it more than a raspberry Magnum

NGS 2015: 51 The Chase, Clapham by Charles Rutherfoord and Rupert Tyler

The very first garden we visited last year on the National Garden Scheme (NGS) was the Clapham based 51 The Chase by designer

35 Turret Grove Open Garden

The National Garden Scheme (NGS) is brilliant because it raises money for charity and lets us snoop around other people’