7 Chiswick Open Gardens in One Day! (NGS)

On Saturday 28 May 2016 Chris and I popped to west London to visit the four NGS open gardens on Chiswick Mall. On paying to enter we quickly realised “this isn’t the NGS” and we’d in fact walked into three other gardens also having an open day. Bonus!

Chiswick Mall is basically the most desirable street of mansions in the whole of London. Set on the river Thames, most of the houses have large walled back gardens, front gardens and an additional riverside garden across the road.

It was a lovely sunny day and needless to say, every garden was absolutely spectacular, their owners lovely and welcoming. Thank you to all garden owners and the NGS (and the not-NGS) for letting us all nose around and enjoy a lovely afternoon. Below are some pictures, including many by Chris who is a better photographer.

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