Fernatic: 50 fern species, 1 living wall!

Why we created a diverse 50 species collection of ferns on one modern living wall and how we did it. I’ve always been

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

In 2015 we took part in series two of the BBC’s Big Dreams, Small Spaces presented by Monty Don. It really was a dream c

Dahlia experiment: cultivars put to the test!

In late 2013 I discovered Dahlias. As unbelievable as that might sound to gardeners who have grown up with them for decades,

Big Dreams, Small Spaces Diary: A Cat’s View

Miaow there, My name’s Rumbles, short for Mr Rumbleson Aria Wallington-Anderson. I wanted to tell you my side of the st

Big Dreams, Small Spaces: Photo Gallery

These photos were all taken during the filming of Big Dreams, Small Spaces (2015).

The Plant & Flower Database 2015

While we had dreams of a little Victorian neon jungle of a garden, my main personal dream for 2015 was: make up for lost time

Big Dreams, Small Spaces Diary 4: Finished! (Late Summer)

To cut to the chase, we did it. We had a silly dream that meant everything to us to make come true. With lots of help from Ch

Big Dreams, Small Spaces Diary 5: Autumn – after the show finished

After the show was over we were sad to see everyone go. It was so much fun taking part, largely because the people making the

Big Dreams, Small Spaces Diary 2: Spring (March – May)

With the start of March came the news we were in! Big Dreams, Small Spaces was happening and we were put on a last minute war

Big Dreams, Small Spaces Diary 1: Winter (January – Feb 2015)

In 2015 we took part in Big Dreams, Small Spaces. Find out how it all happened below…

Big Dreams, Small Spaces: The Plan

This page summarises the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind the dream for our Victorian London botanist inspi

Big Dreams, Small Spaces: Victorian inspiration

Driven by a renewed love of plants and a brain being filled with RHS knowledge, in 2014 I designed a mico-Victorian themed gar