The best potatoes to grow

Last year I grew a set of seven different potato cultivars and only really liked one of them, ‘Jazzy’. So, tonight

44 Future gardening moments of 2016

Future gardening is the phrase I use to describe my personal take on the world. Be forward thinking. Be big thinking. Looking

Out of the shrubbery into the scrub

On Saturday 26th November 2016 the SGD hosted a conference about the use of shrubs in gardens. I went along hoping to learn t

Have you ever changed your mind about a plant you hate?

We all have them, a list of plants we dislike. Yet every now and then something happens that turns our opinion on its head. C

Designing for wildlife

This video is quite long but the presentation within it is important and well worth watching in full. It talks about the impor

Our lives are not our own – Kennington Park, London

One of the joys of living in London, the forest city, is discovering one of its many parks for the first time. Today I walked

My latest victim

Yamadori is the Japanese word for collecting wild trees to grow as bonsai. Today, while rustling through the wildflowers, I p

Our inner city wildlife sanctuary

I grow our garden as much for wildlife as for design and plants. Wildlife adds many layers of enjoyment, interest and a dynami

Living on a prairie (part 1)

This year I took on my allotment and I designated one bed for garden design experiments. Deeply inspired by Planting in a Post

Summer highlights in our garden

Our experimental garden is now in its third year with lots to fix but standing back and overall the atmosphere is coming toget

Thompson & Morgan Trial Field Visit

Michael Perry invited me and a group of other gardening bloggers to have a tour of the Thompson & Morgan trial field today

Does peat free compost work?

Between 2015- 2016 I put peat free compost to the ultimate test, I only used peat free compost for every single plant I grew.

Form factor – our garden in June 2016

The best thing I’ve added to our border this year (I think so far) is Nicotiana alata ‘Lime Green’ – i

Wild orchid hunting

My friend Pete Langley took me to a secret location on the South Downs one sunny summer evening this week to see some of our

24 Things at the Chelsea Flower Show 2016

This is my third year at the Chelsea Flower Show and it remains an emotional experience. Excitement, inspiration. Admiration f

7 Trends at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

I’ll have more blog posts this week with my photos and thoughts from the Chelsea Flower Show 2016, but I wanted to quick

11 Realities of Gardening in London

Either I’m inexplicably inept at gardening, or living in the big smoke is providing a world of gardening pain that you&#

Tulips, planting out tomatoes early and seedlings

Tulips: the last two years I’ve tried growing some tulips and it went horribly wrong. Especially last year with a “

PHOTO GALLERY: Barbican Conservatory, London

Brutalist, futurist. Despite the concrete, the Barbican exudes such atmosphere and style that you’ll feel as though you


In 2016 my two main plant experiments to improve my knowledge of gardening are going to be: 1) vegetables and 2) grasses. Let&

Dahlia experiment: cultivars put to the test!

In late 2013 I discovered Dahlias. As unbelievable as that might sound to gardeners who have grown up with them for decades,

Pot’s Growing On in January: indoor plants, seed catalogues and preparation

January is the time to get organised, wash pots carefully to kill nasties, enjoy browsing the many glossy seed and plant catal

Top 6 Best Bee Magnet Flowers of 2015

One of my top priorities for 2015 was to have a garden grown as a nature reserve, making sure there is lots on offer for nec

All hail Helleborus niger leaves!

Back at the start of 2014, when my love of gardening ignited and shot off like an uncontrollable rocket, I was taken with the

8 tips for buying a Christmas tree

Christmas trees are brilliant. However the way they are sold can be a bit wasteful, cost you more money than it should and lea

A reason why the London Garden Bridge might be a good thing

The London Garden Bridge is fairly hotly debated. On the face of it, a tree lined bridge sounds pretty cool. It has upset a go

Solenostemon scuttelarioides (aka Coleus)

Victorian’s freakin’ loved a lot of plants. They thought plants were cool. Because plants are cool. One such plan

One amazing gardening year

Warning: look away now if you don’t want to read self-reflective pointless twaddle. Exactly a year ago this week I visit

National Dahlia Society Annual Show 2015 & RHS Dahlia Trials

I returned to the National Dahlia Society’s Annual Show today after being totally gobsmacked last year. Though trying n

Ferns at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

I’ve gone fern mad – I don’t even know how it happened. This weekend, on my final (boo!) RHS Level 2 study days at t

Fuzzy buzz: heuchera think you are?

How cool is this little fella? Buzzin around. Couldn’t get enough of the Heucheras. Cheeky tube faced chappy that he is!

Designer Edibles 1: Peas (Pisum sativum ‘Meteor’)

I’m on a mission to grow as many different species and varieties of plants as possible to help with my RHS Level 2 studi

Brunnera macrophylla ‘Mr Morse’

The plants are still small (they’ve seriously been through the wars after arriving near death!), so the flowers are too,


Well, I have to hand it to the Garland Super7 Heated propagator. Everything I sow on there germinates within a few days (excep

Big Dreams, Small Spaces: Victorian inspiration

Driven by a renewed love of plants and a brain being filled with RHS knowledge, in 2014 I designed a mico-Victorian themed gar

Dividing a Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant)

I’ve had a Zamioculcas zamiifolia for some years now. In the last year, I found the magic formula and – despite ru

Urban Legends: Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, inventor of the Wardian Case

Today I discovered we live only 3 minutes walk away from the last residence of one of the most celebrated Victorian botanists

Gardens: a science experiment we can all try

You know what, the Victorians got it right. Curiosity, discovery, understanding the unknown, adventure!

10 favourite plants of 2014

It’s the last day of 2014 and I’ve been really interested in plants this year (no sh*t Sherlock) and at the start

National Dahlia Society Annual Show 2014 at RHS Wisley

It’s not often something knocks my socks off and genuinely makes me say “wow” out loud but then I have nev

Painted a front door

  Not exactly perfect but it’ll do.

Becoming an art student again

In January 2013 my friend Marcos encouraged me to find a drawing class and just give it a go. I’d been moaning about giv