There you are

For hours now I search for you Across chalky downs of grass Jewels a plenty everywhere But where are you I ask

12 Photos that shaped my year

The last twelve months have given me the chance to explore my design likes and dislikes in my own gardens and to study combina

From the streets: A walk in the winter sunshine

The interplay of nature and humanity is endlessly fascinating to observe. Nowhere is it more obvious and at the same time hidd

Allotment Month 25: planning for the year ahead – parsnips, cauliflower, kale, carrots, apples

Can you believe I’ve had my allotment for two years?! The excitement of taking ownership still feels like yesterday to m

2 Littlebury Road: a year in photos

I could write an entire book about our little inner city garden flat in Clapham. Instead, ta da! Here’s a supersized blo

How long do you spend planning your garden?

So here’s a question: throughout the year, how much time do you spend planning and thinking about how your garden will l

10 moments of exotic garden genius in Kent

One of the most enjoyable days for me this year was visiting my friend Philip Oostenbrink, a fellow tropical and rare plant nu

Garden Blog of the Year

Exciting news! My little blog has only gone and won an award. A real one! LOOK: I’m very honoured to have been given the


It’s mid-November and some of our Dahlias in the garden are still flowering, just. This follows an absolutely epic windf

Reforesting Yorkshire

Chris and I popped up to Yorkshire this weekend to celebrate my birthday and my mum’s, both on bonfire night the fifth of No

The Great Mystery: closer to nature with the awesome power of seasons

I had a rare day to myself on Sunday and I used it to wander around one of my favourite wild areas and to spend time on my all

Propagating Hippeastrum from offset bulbs

Hippeastrum (incorrectly called Amarylis by shops for some reason) are amazing indoor plants that flower in Winter / early Spr

Oh Autumn!

As an artist, through each waking day there are thousands of wonderful things that catch my eye. In that split second when eye

Gardening jobs to do in October: harvesting, bulb planting, propagation by dividing, cutting and sowing

If like me, you may have been coasting along on a post-summer ‘put your feet up’. Well, I’ve got news for yo

Dividing a Pilea peperomioides

How to divide Pilea peperomioides to give to your friends and family while keeping the Pilea legend alive. 

Victorian plant fashion at Lanhydrock, Cornwall

A report from our brief visit to the immaculately preserved Lanhydrock house and garden owned by the National Trust.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Heligan, a garden established in the mid-18th to the 19th centuries by the Cornish Tremayne family (Wikipedia), was only ever

Eden Project

ONE: as Chris and I entered the Rainforest Biome for the first time it was hard not to be struck by its depth. Tops of trees c

Allotment month 22: wasted produce, autumn flowering apples and snails

I’ve barely spent any time at the allotment in September. Bad Wallington. This has been a terrible but unavoidable mista

8 Glasshouses to visit in London and why

London has some of the best glasshouses in the world and some of the most interesting secret smaller ones, here’s my pic

NGS September Open Day – #DahliaFest

Chris and I have been huge fans of the National Garden Scheme (NGS) charity for a long time. You can read about some of the NG

National Dahlia Society Annual Show 2017 at RHS Wisley

It’s been three years since I first set eyes on a dinner plate Dahlia at the National Dahlia Society Annual Show 2014. T

My 6 easy care comfort house plants you thought were boring but are in fact fabulous!

Forget the fancy house plants you keep spotting on Instagram. You know the ones, stylish Pilea, funky Peperomias, velvety Eche

Smudging seasons

Chris pointed out this week that the best sunsets happen at this time of year, something I’d never appreciated – I

Dahlia swap!

No one else but me had set foot on my allotment since I’d owned it – I’ve just never really thought anyone w

Have you ever seen popcorn flowers?

The popcorn plants on my allotment are (later than normal) finally flowering and I thought I’d share some photos of the

Pot’s Growing On? Summer part two

After August’s overcast skies, in time for bank holiday weekend the sun is back for summer round two. This ‘mid-su

Exciting exotics at 24 Grove Park, Camberwell open on the NGS

We’re particularly spoilt for exciting gardens in South London with a lean toward the exotic as the more tender plants t

Shanks Pony Nursery in Vauxhall

One of my coolest finds in London has to be the discovery of Shanks Pony Nursery in Vauxhall run by a chap called Andy (on Twi

Make time for what you love

With work, gardening, friends and family, my life can quickly be filled with wonderful things but it often means the seemingly

Allotment month 21: release the Dahlias! Black tomatoes, Zinnias, Brassicas and Pumpkins

You know that moment in sci-fi films when the warp drive or mega lazer is powering up? That “vvvvvvoooooooo” noise

Box tree caterpillar plague in Clapham, London

It’s usually around this time of year, just as our good ship The Garden puts its rockets into nitro that problems start

Photo gallery: Malibu’s unexpectedly exquisite wild flowers

I had planned to write a more detailed article about Malibu’s national parks and wildlife. However, I can’t do it

Our first NGS open day: a weather miracle, cake and allotment cut flowers

Opening our garden to the public to raise money for the National Garden Scheme (NGS) was both an honour and a total mind-blitz

Our NGS open day, this Sunday 1 – 5pm!

A quick reminder that we are opening our garden and flat, 2 Littlebury Road in Clapham, this Sunday afternoon (23 July)! It ma

Allotment month 20: it’s in the flavour – new potatoes, carrots, Florence fennel, beetroot and more

Monty Don always says it’s important to pick only what you’re about to eat to reduce the time between plot and pla

56 Photos of Californian Gardens: from Facebook and Google to Hollywood via Alcatraz

California is a magical place, Chris and I love it. One minute you can be in the oven of a 43C desert, a few hours later atop

Pot’s Growing On? High summer in Clapham

Sorry for the lack of updates about our garden recently, I’ve been so busy opening my garden design studio it’s be

From the streets: California

Chris and I have just come back from a trip to LA, Vegas and Malibu visiting for a wedding. Once you enter the kingdom of plan

Solstice in the city – Clapham Common

I can be my own worst enemy sometimes, in fact, a lot of the time. I can be so focussed that I become blinkered. At times like

Come into my world

A selection of photos from my perambulations over the last few months.

At the end of the earth, plants – Prospect Cottage, Dungeness

An upfront confession: I’ve never seen nor heard of any of Derek Jarman’s films. A film director before my ti

Allotment Month 18: a visitor, weedageddon, cutflowers, vegetables and perennial produce

Who knows how the laws of the universe work. Across the entire site my allotment is on I’ve never seen any foxgloves at

15 sensational plant combinations you can try at home from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

One of my bugbears around Chelsea time are the naysayers proclaiming the gardens are unrealistic and impossible to recreate at

23 things at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

The Chelsea Flower Show is nuts. People on stilts dressed only in flowers, cactus jackets, astro turf lions, stands of rare pl

James Basson’s road to ‘best in show’ at Chelsea Flower Show 2017

There are some garden designers we see at RHS shows regularly. James Basson is one that came on my radar in 2015 with his na

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 – Press Day Highlights

It’s hard to take in the brain blitz that is the Chelsea Flower Show in one day – particularly when you keep bump

Pot’s Growing On in May: getting ready for a show-stopping summer!

May? Mayhem more like. So much is going on this month I feel like Dorothy whizzing around in a plant filled whirlwind. Diffe

Dry winter and spring, what does it mean for summer?

Note: since the day I published this the heavens opened dumping over 4cm of water in 72 hours in south London. So for us at le

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 – what to expect?

In a few weeks the above Chelsea grounds will be filled with the wonders of the plant world. This year will be my fourth visit