The way of things

Early March has arrived and I popped over to Diana Ross’ house around the corner from us again to see her garden at the

Let’s make green flowers our naughty little secret

There’s one thing I will guarantee right now: you are going to see many more green flowers this year. In magazines, on

30 unreal photos of London garden design in the dead season

Winter is a fresh season.  Everything is stripped back, cleansed and reset for the coming year. It’s a time when bold

Marrakesh (Part Four): Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle is best known today for being owned by Yves Saint Lauren, who famously saved it in the 1980s from both disrep

Marrakesh (Part Three): Islamic tiled courtyards at Bahia Palace

The second oldest garden we visited was by far the most visually arresting of designs. It is immaculate and inspirational. Y

Marrakesh (Part Two): blown away by ancient Islamic garden design at the El Badi Palace

I’ve wanted to visit Marrakesh for about ten years, drawn by its bright colours. What I hadn’t appreciated is its

Crossrail Place Roof Garden, Canary Wharf

At the weekend my Instagram buddy lamaisonbleue tipped me off to the fact the Crossrail Place Roof Garden at Canary Wharf had

Landscape design at Stowe Garden in Buckinghamshire

Back in November Chris and I had the opportunity to spend a sunny Autumn afternoon at Stowe in Buckinghamshire (a short drive

Why I’ve fallen for cut flowers

I used to be a foliage boy. I’ve changed (well, a bit). In the past I saw flowers as extravagant, expensive purchas

Out of the shrubbery into the scrub

On Saturday 26th November 2016 the SGD hosted a conference about the use of shrubs in gardens. I went along hoping to learn t

Have you ever changed your mind about a plant you hate?

We all have them, a list of plants we dislike. Yet every now and then something happens that turns our opinion on its head. C

From the streets: Library of Birmingham’s rooftop secret garden and futuristic municipal design

My mum and I share the same birthday, bonfire night. We love it, so Chris and I drove up to Yorkshire to enjoy it with my fam

Having fun with shade and sun

Down the side of our Victorian maisonette is a narrow alley way. It’s where I started our garden so I know its seasonal

Apple iTree: the botanical trend reaches new heights with Ficus maclellandii ‘Alii’

This week Apple reopened its flagship London store on Regent Street after months of renovations to reveal the focal point as n

Beauty of life in all its stages (4 Macauley Road, Clapham NGS)

Time is a wonderful gift, it changes things. None are more aware of this than gardeners.

Modernist garden design at The Homewood

After learning of The Homewood while studying garden design history with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, I finally visite

Living on a prairie (part 1)

This year I took on my allotment and I designated one bed for garden design experiments. Deeply inspired by Planting in a Post

Garden and landscape design in Clapham

Jack Wallington Garden Design Ltd. for modern gardens with a unique and high-end finish.  A great garden will transform your

That sinking feeling – RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The other week Chris and I went to RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show where two things stood out: sunken gardens and garden

Lambeth Palace Gardens

As part of the RHS Level 3 course we have to learn about different garden design eras, one of which is medieval. Lambeth Palac

7 Trends at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

I’ll have more blog posts this week with my photos and thoughts from the Chelsea Flower Show 2016, but I wanted to quick

Photo Gallery: My favourite garden design inspiration from my travels

This gallery contains a selection of my favourite garden design from 2014 and 2015. Photos are from the last two Chelsea Flowe

15 Things at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Last year was my first trip to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, it changed my world. This year, it didn’t have the same gobs

NGS 2015: 51 The Chase, Clapham by Charles Rutherfoord and Rupert Tyler

The very first garden we visited last year on the National Garden Scheme (NGS) was the Clapham based 51 The Chase by designer

Littlebury 2014 Flower Power

2014 was my experimental year in the garden. While everything certainly wasn’t very cohesive, there were a lot of flower


Up until this year Hyacinths were a massive no no for me. Too blousy and old fashioned. But looking for things to do in the wi

Shovelling sh*t while the plants still go at it!

October is almost over, so here’s a diary of what’s been going on in Littlebury gardens to refer back to next year

25 Photos of interesting autumn sightings (and what I thought at the time)

Here are 25 things I spotted in September and October that I thought were beautiful for all manner of reasons and managed to

Chelsea Physic Garden in Autumn

Today I made the most of my new Royal Horticultural Society membership and visited the Chelsea Physic Garden next to the Thame

From the streets: who needs a garden to garden?!

I was just moseying around Brighton at lunch and four houses caught my eye down a street by the North Laines. They don’

RHS Wisley Flower Show 2014

Yesterday I went to RHS Wisley for the flower show, in particular the National Dahlia Society’s annual show and I hadn&

Brachyscome iberidifolia (blue) window box pruning

Back at the start of the year we spent ages trying to decide the type of window boxes to get for our bay window and what flowe

Biddulph Grange

In the summer of 2014 we had a staycation in the UK, roadtripping it to Yorkshire, Northumberland, Scotland, the Lake District

Cacti mini garden

Three barrel cacti, including one from Chelsea Flower Show 2014. The flowering one is obviously the healthy new one from Chels

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

I went to the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time this year and it was a much better experience than I expected. There were

Clapham Manor Street front garden

At the Chelsea Flower Show 2014, one of the gardens I loved the most was the London Square garden, inspired by the many London

28 Sibella Road, Clapham

The garden of designer, Lorraine Johnson Rosner was open over the summer and is an immaculate space with an extra side garden

Ham House, Richmond, London

In early summer, Chris and I visited Ham House in Richmond. The walk along the Thames in the sun was an unexpected bonus with

Eden Community Garden St. Paul’s Church, Old Town

The Eden community garden hidden in Clapham Old Town is a beautiful and peaceful spot anytime of year. But in spring it comes

NGS 2014: 51 The Chase, Clapham

The garden of designer Charles Rutherfoord at 51 The Chase in Clapham is tulip heaven in spring, with thousands of the flowers